About our business

TDX Premium was formed on Jan 27th, 2010. We have been a customer of premium file hosting services for over 5 years. During 5 years of our venture, we have seen ton of user who was trying to find a cheap but quality provider for their need. Buyer was scammed and premium membership is often fraudent. The idea that selling cheap voucher code in a legal way and guarantee for the purchase is formed. We are working on solution to sell cheap voucher code for premium file hosting services. We are aiming to provide our buyer with cheap price and warranty products. We have a great start and will looking forward to expand it so everyone can enjoy quality products at the cheapest price.

Buyer agreement:

Upond making payment, buyer agree to below term:
  • You have fully understand that payment is for premium voucher code.
  • You have fully understand our term for buyer and term for refund.
  • Premium voucher code is virtual item therefore you can not chargeback or dispute when voucher code is sent to your email.
  • All sale are final and not refundable unless you have meet our term of refund
  • Refund can be given but decision is solely depend on our term of refund.

Term for refund:

All sale are final but refund will be given if customer meet below condition:

For buyer who has bought megaupload voucher:
  • Premium voucher code is not shown as used/redeemd in our reseller panel.
  • Buyer agree that only 85% will be refunded.
  • Buyer has to contact us in 7 days from the day of delivery of the voucher.
For buyer who has bought megaupload voucher: NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

For buyer who has bought megaupload voucher: NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are we authorized to resell ?

Yes, we are authorized to resell for below file hosting.

  • Megaupload: verification link.
  • Fileserve: business code for verification 862960FSAR. Check via link
  • Filesmonster: Our company is listed under link (TDX Premium)
Why should you buy from Sellmegaupload.com ?

We have been reselling premium voucher code for file hosting service since 2010. We are selling premium voucher code at the cheapest price for Europian user. Buyer not only get voucher code, we are providing as much help as possible. Have question? join our forum or contact us.

What are the products for sell ?

Our products are voucher code for premium membership subscription from file hosting company. Each voucher code will have different subscription duration hense each come in at a different price.

File hosting we are authorized to resell : Megaupload.com, Fileserve.com, Filesmonster.com

What is a premium voucher code ?

Premium voucher code is code that will enable premium susbscription for your account on a specific file hosting website. Premium voucher code can be used to upgrade, extend exist account or create a new premium account on specific file hosting website.

Do a premium voucher code expired? When is it expired?

Premium voucher code does have expired day. The expiration day is depend on each file hosting comapnay. Below is the list of expiration date:

  • Megaupload: voucher will does not have expiration date.
  • Fileserve: Expiration date is normally 30 days. We always send premium voucher code with it's expiration date for our customer to track.
  • Filesmonster: Not yet to confirmed.
How to redeem a premium voucher code ?

Upon completion of your payment and verification of payment, you will receive our email that content the details of premium voucher code and details instruction on redeeming the voucher.

How much ? How to pay ? And what is the payment methode for a premium voucher code ?

Please visit our products website for details of our product. Link.

Each payment methode has different verification process. Please check link for more detail

When and how do buyer receive a premium voucher code ?

Premium voucher code is generate upon success of verifying of buyer payment during our working hour. The process can be 2 hours to 24 hours depend on payment methode of our buyer. Upon completion of verifying the payment, premium voucher code will be sent to asked email during check out process. Estimate for verification:

  • Alertpay / Wester Union: 1-24 hours.
  • Webmoney / Ukash : 1-6 hours.
Lost premium voucher code ?

We can resend premium voucher code to your email (same email) but it is only one (1) time. Therefore, please keep save our email in a safe place.

Wanting a refund ?

In normal case, refund will be given as listed below

  • Premium voucher code for Megaupload : 85% value of the UNUSED VOUCHER CODE.
  • Premium voucher code for Filserve : no refund will be given.
  • Premium voucher code for Filsmonster : no refund will be given.

Please check our term for refund and our buyer agreement for more details.